MAD Gaze Watch
MAD Gaze Watch

MAD Gaze Watch

MAD Gaze Watch, supports haptic technology with advanced 6-axis sensor to capture vibration waves of different hand gestures.

It learns your tap and movement patterns with our groundbreaking intelligent algorithm to trigger personalized functions.

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Device MAD Gaze Watch
Operating System Android 7.1


1.39 inch Capacitive Touch Screen

  • 60,000 Colors 400x400 pixels Resolution
Processor Quad Core 1.25 GHz
Memory 1 GB
Storage 16 GB Internal Storage
Wi-Fi Wi-Fi 2.4G
Bluetooth 4.0 LE
Positioning Wi-Fi, GPS and Glonass


Stereo Speaker

  • Microphone
Battery 620 mAH


3-axis Accelerometer 3-axis Gyroscope Heart Rate Monitor

SIM Card Supported with Nano SIM
IP Rating IP67 Water Resistant and Dust Proof
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